Legal Notice

Seller Name

Shibunkaku Co., Ltd.


Dai Tanaka, Representative Director


355 Motomachi, Yamato-ohji, Higashi-iru, Furumonzen-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

Phone No.

075-531-0001 (Business hours: 10:00–18:00 *except for Sundays, public holidays, and company holidays)

Email Address

Sales URL

Sales Method

The “Shibunkaku Sale” will be conducted in a bidding process. For each listed item, the highest bidder will be the successful bidder. For details, please see the “How to Use.”

Amount to be paid when a bid is won (including the commission and consumption tax thereon)
Please see the Item Details page and “Bid History” in My Page.

Payment Methods

  • Bank transfer
  • Cash
  • Credit card (Credit card can only be used for in-store sale)

Payment Deadline

Within 10 days after the bid opening date (but if the last day of this period falls on a non-business day of our company <non-business days of our company are not fixed>, within the next day <if the last day of this period is followed by several consecutive non-business days, the next day after the last non-business day>; payment must be made during our company’s business hours on each day within this period)

Required payments other than the amount to be paid when a bid is won (including the commission and consumption tax thereon)

  • Shipping costs: Will generally be borne by our company in the case of domestic shipments. We will provide a separate quote for overseas shipments.
  • Bank transfer fees: Bank transfer fees are not included in the purchase price of the item.

Timing of Delivery of Item

Will be delivered after confirmation of payment.

Methods for Delivery of Item

  • Delivery by a shipping company after our company makes arrangement.
  • In-store delivery


No cancellation after the winning bid has been determined.
However, if we agree to a cancellation, you will be required to pay 20% of the hammer price as a cancellation fee.

The Shibunkaku Sale employs an authenticity warranty system so you can enjoy the winning bid item with peace of mind.
For details, please see the Shibunkaku Sale Terms and Conditions, Article 2 (Condition of the Items), Article 3 (Catalogue), and Article 16 (Authenticity Warranty).
Antique Dealer License Number
Kyoto Prefectural Public Safety Commission No. 61104043006